This is our robot for the Relic Recovery season. It is almost completely custom built, with the majority of the robot being made of machined and 3-D printed parts. The double-jointed arm is used to pick up and place glyphs and relics. The Mecanum drive train increases maneuverability, and it drives at about 5 feet per second. Strafing side to side makes it much easier to line up with glyphs and cryptobox columns. We have a mechanism called the “Ampere” which knocks the opposing alliance jewel off the stand during autonomous. The Ampere is named that because when an ampere passes through one ohm of resistance, one Joule of energy is released. Since we are using it to release the “joule/jewel,” and our symbol is an ohm, we called it the Ampere. Tod got us to ninth place in our State competition, and having won first place Inspire award, we competed in South Super Regionals and the Houston FIRST Championships with him.