South Super Regional

Our trip to the South Super Regional was much more rewarding this season. We changed our pit layout from last season to help stand out more and actively scouted before the competition.

In our first match we were paired with team 7203 and won 200-150.

In our second match we were paired with team 4717 and won 195-160.

In our third match we were paired with team 6832 and won 180-100.

In our fourth match we were paired with team 10005 and lost 160-105.

In our fifth match we were paired with team 7842 and won 205-130.

In our sixth match we were paired with team 5064 and won 180-172.

In our seventh match we were paired with team 4902 and lost 190-75.

In our eighth match we were paired with team 9875 and lost 200-85.

In our ninth match we were paired with team 8886 and won 180-90.

We finished 7th in the Kilrain Division, and 12th overall. During the alliance selection we managed to be the 4th place alliance captain because the 1 seed selected the 2 seed, the 3 seed selected the 5 seed, and the 4 seed selected the 6 seed, leaving us as the last alliance captain. We chose team 7842 The Browncoats and team 8609 Blue Crew, Too.

In our first match of the semi-finals we lost 435-135 with our partners 7842. We racked up 150 points in penalties because we got an opposing particle stuck on our robot.

In the second match we sat out and let our alliance partners compete. Our alliance tied 195-195.

In the third match we yet again sat out and our alliance lost 255-135.

Because we place high enough in the robot competition, we advanced to the World Competition in Houston, Texas.

Our Pit


Our TeamYay

Our AllianceYay2