Our outreach during this season started as soon as our previous season ended.


Presentation at Mercedes-Benz Vans.


In March our team went to present at Mercedes-Benz Vans in Charleston to possibly pick up a new sponsor. We were met with extremely positive feedback, but were not able to be sponsored.

The team at the Imagine Upstate Festival in Greenville.

In April we attended the Imagine Upstate Festival in Greenville along with two other FTC teams and demonstrated the FTC Challenge for the guests. We also took our robot and field to the North Charleston High School in late April to generate interest in FIRST and to hopefully get more kids involved in the engineering program at the high school.


During mid-May we hosted a 4-H table at the local homeschool convention. We brought along our robot to drive on the convention floor as well as helped kids play with Snap Circuits.


For two weeks in August our team hosted two FLL camps for 24 students. Each weeklong camp consisted of 5 half-days where we taught the basics of building, programing, and competing with EV3 robots. In total team members gave 146 hours of service during this period.


The team hosted a table at the FLL kickoff event at the South Carolina Aquarium in early September. We brought along a basic robot that we let the kids drive around the floor, in addition to speaking with the parents about FTC. Later in September the team represented FTC at the Boeing FIRST Mentor meeting. We spoke about our team and what FIRST was about in an effort to encourage more Boeing mentors for FIRST.


In late October the team showed off our robot at the Hanahan Open Invitational along with another FTC team. We talked with several adult mentors and parents about FIRST while driving our preliminary chassis from this season on a practice field.




The next day we brought our full field setup and chassis to the Coastal Carolina Fair and set it up in the 4-H building. There we talked about the FIRST Tech Challenge and let children drive our robot around for three hours. We also spoke with many adults and explained to them what FTC is all about.


Over the course of the year the team mentored two FLL team, the Rohming Sea Turtles, who were formed from our FLL camps in August, and the Pet-Vengers. We attended several of their meetings to help with ideas and project judging. We also helped local FTC teams by hosting a community scrimmage and build day, and by loaning them field elements to practice with.