ftc-2016-post-kickoff-promoVelocity Vortex was the name of the 2016-2017 season. Our members consisted of Aaron, Andrew (new), Benjamin, Braden, Gray, Jacob, Matthew, and Nicholas. Our coaches were Coach Andy and Coach Linda. Our mentors included Mr. Glen Phelps, Mrs. Cathy Fisher, and Richard.

During the preseason we showed off our robot at several STEM events. We also applied for multiple new grants and received many new sponsors. Our team organization had greatly improved. We had more functional sub-teams to help members know what to do. We have created six sub-teams based off of the awards in the FTC competition. We also began using Trello as an online way to organize what needs to be done.

2016-2017 TeamJust like the season before, we had a kick-off party in September for the release of the game. Once the challenge was officially released, we began to discuss our options. We made a list of every scoring option and what would be required to get each. We then ranked them in order of priority for us to build them so we wouldn’t miss out on anything or waste time on something. This was the first season we have gotten a full field setup thanks to a sponsorship from Google. This allowed us to create over 120 autonomous variations for the competition depending on what our teammates can do. We also modeled everything before we built it, since we used a lot of custom parts this season. We repurposed pieces of old FTC field elements, such as the sides of the mountain from Res-Q, and have used them on our robot instead of Tetrix to give us more flexibility in our build design.

We won 1st place Inspire Award at the State Competition and finished 7th in our division at the South Super Regional. At the World Competition in Houston we placed 27th in our division.