IMG_3889Our second season of FTC, Res-Q, led to improvements in all aspects of the Our roster consisted of Aaron, Benjamin, Braden, Gray, Jacob, Matthew, Nicholas, Richard, and Samuel. Our team mentors included Mr. Glen Phelps and Mrs. Cathy Fisher. Coaches were Coach Linda and Coach Andy.

At the beginning of the season we evaluated our team’s performance from our previous season. We discussed what we were most proud of, what improvements should be made and how, meeting goals, pre-season preparation, team organization, etc. We formed sub teams to help keep our members more focused on the tasks that needed to be completed. This helped us to be more efficient, but members in some of the smaller sub teams frequently ran out of things to do.

Some of the notable improvements this season were a new programming system, using Google Drive, and having access to a 3-D printer. We also had some FLL and new FTC teams visit us to learn some tips and we were involved in more outreach.

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