Cascade Effect

Cascade Effect was our first season in FTC. Our original lineup was Aaron, Benjamin, Gray, Jacob, Matthew, Nicholas, and Richard. Our coaches were Coach Andy and Coach Linda.

To start our season, we held meetings to learn all of the new items that would be in FTC. We brainstormed team names, logos, goals, and roles. We also formed a business plan in order to obtain sponsors for our team. Once our team identity and funding was taken care of, we got our first hands on with the kit. Our programmers began learning the new coding while the rest of the members got familiar with the new parts. We recorded our meetings in an Engineering Notebook and made several social media accounts.

When the season started, we used a design process to prioritize ways to score and subassemblies to use and began designing and programming.

At the state competition, our robot did not perform very well, but we placed 8th overall in robot, were chosen as the third choice by the third place alliance, and won first place in the Think Award.

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