IMG_20170208_100157This was our robot for the 2016-2017 FTC Velocity Vortex Season, Der Widerstand. Our robot was capable of nearly everything on the field during this season. We had six wheel drive train; double omni-wheels on every corner and a regular wheel in the center on both sides. The omni-wheels were chained to the drive wheels for more traction and speed. The six wheel system also gave us a center turning ability, which was helpful for scoring particles. Our particle harvester used a two sweeper design to grab particles from the floor into a loading zone on top of the robot. It could also launch particles back out in case we grabbed the wrong alliance color. Once inside, the particles are stopped by a servo gate from entering our particle accelerator. The launch program allows one particle in at a time to fire so that there is higher consistency. We could carry up to four particles at a time. Our accelerator was a spring loaded arm that is loaded by a nautilus cam. This can launch balls almost vertical in the air, so we did not need to be very far away from the center vortex to shoot. We had two side mounted beacon pushers as well as a front plate that we used to claim beacons in autonomous with the help of our color sensors.