Brainstorming to Start the Season

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We don’t know about you, but our team is so excited for the Skystone season! We’ve been doing a lot of strategy and coming up with ideas in our first few meetings. A few tips for brainstorming with a large group:

First, remember to always use Gracious Professionalism (GP).

Let a person or group present their ideas without interrupting. There will be time for questions later!

Next, if the group that is being presented to doesn’t fully understand, they can ask clarifying questions. It’s still not time for critical feedback on the idea itself, though.

Then, the group being presented to can give positive feedback, sharing an “I like…” about the idea or ideas.

Now is the time for critical feedback. Be careful not to start a question with “Why did you…” or “But…”, instead ask a question starting with, “I wonder…”, like “I wonder if x could do y,” or “I wonder if we could combine x with y to make it more efficient.” Keep the questions framed in a way that doesn’t sound accusing!

Finally, after the presenting group answers any questions, anyone from either group can share another idea or alternative by saying, “I have…” (Taken from the Critical Friends protocol)

Remember, there are no bad ideas, only better ones!

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